CAST Core Facilities are shared technology-based laboratories where dedicated and qualified personnel run and maintain sophisticated instruments. These centralized resources provide an effective technological and consultative support to CAST and UdA research community as well as to investigators outside the University. These infrastructures and their advanced services play a crucial role in enabling scientists to achieve ambitious research goals, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their work, and supporting scientific publications by analyzing primary data.


Core facilities services include:

  • Access to instruments, equipment, technology and other resources that investigators need, when they need them
  • Sample testing and processing
  • Data analysis consultations
  • Internal and external training courses and workshops, often in collaboration with industrial partners.

High-level support teams help focus diverse sets of expertise and multiple cutting edge technologies on specific biological and clinical problems.


Directing each core is a CAST investigator with strong experience in that particular field of research. In addition to overseeing a core, core directors maintain their own research programs and are core users themselves.

Some of the instruments/services can be booked electronically, others need a custom request: please contact the appropriate core staff to access a facility.


Currently, CAST Core Facilities cover the following areas:

Optical Microscopy

Group Facility Leader: Simone Guarnieri

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Group Facility Leader: Simona Boncompagni

Scanning Electron Microscopy and EDXA

Group Facility Leader: Gianluigi Rosatelli

Molecular pathology

Group Facility Leader: Rossano Lattanzio

Flow Cytometry

Group Facility Leader: Paola Lanuti

Proteomics and Metabolomics

Group Facility Leader: Piero Del Boccio

Cryo-Cell Service

Group Facility Leader: Pamela Di Tomo


Group Facility Leader: Valentina Gatta

Animal care

Group Facility Leader: Manuela Iezzi

Forensic Sciences

Group Facility Leader: Cristian D’Ovidio

Advanced Computing Core

Group Facility Leader: Piero Chiacchiaretta


Gene Editing and Molecular Biology (GEMBio)

Group Facility Leader: Marco Trerotola


Mass Sprectrometry for precision pharmacology

Group Facility Leader: Stefania Tacconelli